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Family Dynamics




At Accountancy Group Services, we understand that no two families have the same dynamics. Family owned businesses and investments are the engine room of the economy. Too often family groups are finding they are either being overlooked as too small by the larger firms, or are too complex for smaller firms.

There are three key areas that a family group requires expert advice:

· Family business & investments
· Deceased estates
· Divorce

Family groups want to know their options. Our proven experience in advising families means that you will be asked all the right questions, provided with a clear understanding of all your options and their pros and cons. Then you can make an informed decision as to your family’s future.

Upon the death of a family member a chain of events are set in motion. To administer the estate effectively you need expert advice. We work closely with the solicitor and executor of the estate to ensure an optimum tax result.

The tax laws surrounding deceased estates, and the responsibilities and opportunities are complex. A focus on the capital gains tax issues is critical.

Marriage breakdown raises many tax issues as the parties seek to separate assets such as business interests, property, superanuuation, shares and the family home. We communicate directly with your solicitor to ensure nothing is left to chance.

Our expert advice in divorce matters will provide you with the tax solutions you need to enter into an equitable agreement. Without it you risk an unexpected tax liability that has not been negotiated or provided for in the agreement. Although it may seem as a straightforward swap of assets between the parties, careful attention to restructuring is required.